How to Answer This Interview Question

If you’re currently employed and interviewing at other companies, you can count on being asked why you’re looking for a new job. Show up unprepared to answer this, and you could fall into the trap of trash-talking your employer simply for lack of a better response.
Ace this common query by following these five totally valid responses hiring managers actually like to hear. 5 Bad Writing Habits You Need to Break Now
1. Weave in Your Strengths, To take this tricky interview question and turn it into an opportunity to further showcase your strengths, Charina L. Flores, VP of human resources at the Barbelo Group, has a solution: Share your long-term goals with the hiring manager, stating how your current company doesn’t provide the foundation for those specific goals, then explain how your strengths and goals align with this new company. 2. Make It Compelling and Not About a Paycheck, For Ali Mercier, marketing content manager at The Leadership Program, the best answers are ones that focus on your career growth and passion, and not ones that mention you just need work.
3. Be a Little Obsessed With the Company, Another approach is to make it clear the company you’re applying to is the only company on your radar. Chris Dessi, founder and CEO of Silverback Social says all he wants to hear from a candidate is, “I’m not looking for a new job, I’m looking to collaborate with you.
4. Talk About Your Boundless Energy, Alex Twersky, career expert and Mediabistro’s own resume and cover letter writer, says to take this as an opportunity to complement your current company on the opportunities you’ve been given to learn, grow and contribute to the team. And, because of your unstoppable enthusiasm to grow in the field and to further develop your talents, you are now seeking out new opportunities.
5. And Remember - Don’t Talk Trash, No matter how awful your current situation may be, it’s never a good idea to speak negatively about your current or former manager.
Barna says it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of why you’re looking for a new job and reminds candidates to “keep it classy and professional.”